Repairing A Retaining Wall

Repairing A Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back the earth to create a level surface. They are used for many reasons including aesthetic purposes, safety, and protection of property. A retaining wall is an important part of hardscaping in any home’s design. A homeowner can use a retaining wall to create outdoor living space for entertaining, and it can also be used as a way to control the amount of water that runs off their property during rainstorms. The benefits of a well-built retaining wall are many, but homeowners should know that they will need regular maintenance if they want their retaining walls to last.

Eliminates drainage problems

The need to repair a retaining wall is usually due to the fact that it has been damaged over time. The most common reason for this damage is erosion caused by water running down the side of it and pooling up in front of the structure.  This runoff can cause several problems including drainage issues, which can lead to other problems such as foundation cracks or uneven surfaces on your lawn.  If you are experiencing these types of issues, then repairing a retaining wall before any more serious damages occur may be necessary.  We have all the tools and knowledge needed to make sure your walls stay strong so they can provide you with many years of protection against moisture and deterioration.  Contact Design Hardscaping today!

Improving safety conditions at the site

A retaining wall is a structure that prevents soil from spilling down the side of a slope. Retaining walls are important for safety, and they also add to the aesthetic value of any landscaping project. However, as time passes, these structures often need repairs due to natural decay or other factors. The Design Hardscaping team at Alexandria has been providing quality work in this area for years and can help you with all your retaining wall needs! Contact us today if you have questions about repairing a retaining wall.

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Saves trees/plants by not removing them during the repair process

Design Hardscaping of Alexandria has been repairing retaining walls for years. This time, when we were asked to repair a wall in the back yard, we discovered that replacing just one part of the wall, saved all the trees and plants from being removed during repairs. There was no need for a full excavation or removal. This project is an example of how you can save money and preserve your landscape at the same time! Call us today to see if there are any other parts on your retaining wall that may be close to failing.

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